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Base Jumper Hoodie

Product Name

Tagline or catch-phrase
“You like jumping off of things. Now you can do it in a hooded sweatshirt”

Quick summary of terrible business idea
An average looking hooded sweatshirt that emits a parachute when the drawstrings are pulled.

The sweatshirt would be quite baggy to fit the parachute pack inside. There would be a crease going down the middle of the back, which could easily be broken (automatically) for the parachute to emerge. Pulling the normal-looking drawstrings would release the chute. For the full incognito effect, the harness that goes around your butt and groin would be (strapped on) under your pants.

What will it look like?

parachute hoodie

How much will it cost?
$2000, including the parachute and harnesses.

What are customers saying about your product/service?

“Until I pull the drawstrings, I’m just some guy jumping off of a building in a hooded sweatshirt. Everyone thinks I’m committing suicide. Surprise! I’m not.”

Basejumpers who like to jump in urban areas, basejumpers in general, skydivers, and probably a few “bros” who are trying to impress “the babes.”

There are multiple companies that make base jumping “containers” (aka backpacks) but none have incorporated them into clothing. *Niche Alert*

I would start networking with the top base jumpers and get them to use the product, create videos, and distribute online. It would make a great viral video. Advertising on base jumping websites and perhaps partnering with other companies might also prove effective.


Generation X and Y are all about living in the present, living life to the fullest, carpe diem, whatever. With tools like Youtube, the base jumping industry will continue to see massive growth and exposure.

Why is this a Terrible Business Idea?
Good question. This could work right? In some form or another, yes. However, my fear is that some rich high school kid or marketing person who “desperately needs to make a viral video” will buy this product, jump off of a building, and in mid-air realize, “Uh oh, I think I grabbed the wrong sweatshirt…”

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